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Processes and Controls
Welding MIL-W - 22248 and 8604
Passivation QQ-P - 35 and WS 19168
Chem -Film MIL - C - 5541
Class 1A, 3, and 3 Clear
Brazing MIL MIL - B - 7883 Type 1
Painting Per Customer
Preservation Per Customer
Packaging Per Customer
Quality Assurance
Georgia Hi-Tech's Quality system is certified to MIL - I - 45208 and all products, whether Military or commercial, are produced to that standard as a minimum requirement.

Both in line monitoring and Final Inspection are aimed at prducing a result that Georgia Hi-Tech is proud to present to our customers.
Major Equipment Listing          
Sheet Metal
CNC Punch
Amada Libra 205 w/Sheet Loader and Parts stacker.
Amada Vipros King 368, 30 Ton
Amada Vipros King 357, 30 Ton
CNC Laser
Trumpf 250E Lasercat
w/2600 Wat Resonator

CNC 4-5 Axis
Yasda H30i 5-Axis
Mazak H880 4-Axis
CNC Lathes
Hi-Cell 23II 4-Axis Live Tools
Okuma Howa

  CNC Punch Press Major Equipment
Amada Libra 205 Cell
Sheet Size 50” X 144”
5 Rack Sheet Loader
3 Location Part Unloader

Amada Vipros 368 King II 33 Tons
Sheet Size 60” X 157.50”
Brush Table

Amada Vipros 358 King II 33 Tons
Sheet Size 50” X 157.50”
Brush Table

2ea. Amada Pega
Sheet Size 50” X 144”

Trumpf 250E Lasercat
2600 Watts

Press Brakes Major Equipment
Amada RG-100
110 Ton 122” Bed

2ea. RG-80
80 Ton 94.5” Bed

2ea. RG-35S
35 Ton 49.2” Bed

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